Glock Frame and Jig Kit 80% Compact Pistol Frame Kit – PF940C

The 80% Compact Pistol Frame offers the compatibility with Glock® 19/23 Gen3 components, the PF940C™ is an industry first. Customers can choose between two different grip styles: the standard grip texture or ReadyMod® grip providing a blank canvas for customization.  Features like the extended beavertail, double undercut trigger guard, and a thumb ledge considerably enhances the ergonomics allowing for an effective grip and improved recoil mitigation.

Product Overview:

  • Enhanced Ergonomics and Features
  • High-Strength Reinforced Polymer Construction
  • Aggressive and Adaptable Grip Texture
  • Picatinny/STANAG Compliant Accessory Rail
  • Blank Serialization Plate
  • Stainless Steel Locking Block Rail System (LBRS™)
  • Stainless Steel Rear Rail Module (RRM™)
  • Hardened Pins for LBRS ™ and RRM™
  • Complete Finishing Jig, Drill bits and End Mill Included
  • Compatible with Glock® 19/23 Gen3 Components

Glock Slide 

  • Lightweight slide with custom cutouts
  • Glock 19 slides
  • Fits Gen 1,2 and 3
  • Can fit on Glock 19 and Glock 23 with a conversion barrel

Stripped Slide Features:

Gen 3 compatibility (Works with all Polymer compact sized 19 frames)

  • Trijicon RMR Cut – Utilizes (2) 4-40 x 3/8″ screws (4-40 screws not included as these will come with the RMR sight or mount)
  • Black nitride finish
  • Accepts standard Glock sights (not included)
  • Made from 4150

This slide is meant to be used with Glock 9mm barrels only.

The Upper Slide Parts Kit for the Glock pistols includes all of the parts you need to  build your slide assembly

Firing pin

  • Firing pin spring
  • Barrel
  • Spacer sleeve
  • Firing pin spring cups
  • Extractor depressor plunger
  • Extractor depressor plunger spring
  • Spring-loaded bearing
  • Firing pin safety
  •  Firing pin safety spring
  • Slide cover plate
  • Extractor
  • Channel Liner
  • Recoil Spring

These are all factory OEM parts from Glock.


Factory Glock 19 Gen-3 9mm Lower Parts Kit. Fits any Glock 19 Gen-3 or P80 Compact-Size 9mm/40 frame.

  • Extended Slide Lock (Aftermarket)
  • Extended Slide Stop Lever (Glock)
  • Extended Magazine Catch (Glock)
  • Trigger Spring 5lbs (Glock)
  • Trigger with Trigger Bar (Glock)
  • Trigger Housing with Ejector 9mm (Glock)
  • Trigger Connector 5lbs (Glock)
  • Slide Lock Spring (Glock)
  • Magazine Catch Spring (Glock)
  • Trigger Housing Pin (Glock)
  • Locking Block Pin (Glock)
  • Trigger Pin (Glock)

These are genuine Glock 19 Gen 3 factory parts for Glock Gen 1-3 19s or Polymer 80 Compact frames.

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